Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wedding of the year.. for our family.. part 3 (last part)

Sebelum tahun ni masuk ke tahun 2010, I better finish this entry secepat mungkin.. But sebelum tu, I would like to wish sesiapa yang sempat lalu kat my blog ni, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha..

Back to the kenduri -- on Wednesday petang tu (27th May), the butik pengantin people came and pasang the pelamin kat hall.. While they were hanging the stuff, I looked at the center piece and literally cringe...Dalam hati, adoi mak.. teruknya colour and design -- flowers semua nampak cheap and kusam.. abih la Yone mesti tak suka punye ni..Tak berani nak kata apa2 kat Mama dulu, because she went and proceed with this butik..Tengok2 Mama pun tak berkenan..

Yang sejambak bunga atas flower stand tu bukan from the butik ye.. it's the bunga pahar that I created..

Initially, the purple square thing, they just hang it as a square -- Mama yg mintak suruh dia gantung macam diamond gini...While they were hanging, Yone came back from work and saw the whole thing. Tak cakap apa, terus naik atas, terus migrane/demam..

Malam tu, while we were looking and thinking about the pelamin, mama decided to let me revamp the pelamin. Kesian kat Yone, mama kata..Luckily esoknya tu, baru Thursday -- so I have the whole day tomorrow to rectify the pelamin..

Bila tido malam tu, asyik dok pikir fesyen apa la nak buat pelamin Yone ni..Pagi esoknya, bangun2 je, terus browse internet for some ideas, print a couple of samples and lepas breakfast terus ajak Cha pegi SSF to look for the decorations.. After pegi SSF, went to the hardware shop next door, look for the stapler gajah yang sangat diperlukan untuk kerja2 membuat pelamin ini..hehehe..

By 1pm we cross over back to the island (as SSF is in seberang).. and head straight to KBJ.. First stop butik Aunty Jay -- Aunty J is our designated tailor for the wedding dresses (the pengantin as well as the adik-beradik).. Mama called her in the morning to see whether she can loan some of her flowers and apa barang2 yg boleh.. We took as many flowers as possible, then we head to Kamdar to look for the materials yang matching color schemenya dengan the theme colour.. Finally we found the best 2 colours and they are quite cheap -- dalam lingkungan bawah RM5, satu meter. Bought so many meters of cloth -- tak ingat dah berapa -- but all in all cost materials + stuff kat SSF saja dah dekat RM300.00 - okla, considering..

Sampai kat rumah by 3.00pm, makan lunch, solat, rehat sat - at 4pm we started working on the pelamin. Azim was around so asked him to help take the hideous thing out and put it outside while we work. He keep on saying that we should have told the butik to come and rectify it, I dah tak larat nak cari gaduh.. just kept quiet and start planning with Cha and Intan.. Buat punya buat until finally pukul 1 pagi baru la siap.. Lama betoi -- almaklumla, bukannya professional.. Tukang gantung pun ada sorang -- tu pun gilir gilir dengan cik kembaq.. By the time hubby arrived at the house for the wedding, pelamin tu pun siap untuk digunakan keesokan harinya..

Cantik tak pelamin?

The next morning - Yone was so happy to have the revamp pelamin looking like what she wanted... Adoi, berbaloi la kerja Yong, Cha, Intan and others.. I had to wake up early to solat Subuh and start on the tangga punya decorations plak.. Sempat siap, tapi tak sempat tangkap gambar (Cha, you have some rite, dalam your phone -- email la kat yong).. Anyway, around 8.30 dengan groggynya, had to drive and pick up the Marhaban group from Taman Tun S**d*n to our house.. Masa depa dok mengaji, I have to say, I cannot hold up my head anymore -- terus crash.. Letih oo... Satgi petang dah akad nikah.. Here are some pictures from that event...

In the evening - the akad nikah went well... after the akad was done in Masjid Negeri P. P.. the whole group head back to our home in I*l**d G**d*s and everyone had dinner.. By 9.00pm, Meor had gotten ready to head to T*b**g H*j* to start preparing for tomorrow's event. I was too tired to go that early so opt to help out at home and plan to go later..While we were at home, Cha did a video call with Ayu who was already at the hall to ask how was the decoration.. Ayu said it's not great plus it was quite dark by then for Ayu to show how they did it via the phone.. So, again at around 10.30/11pm, Cha, I and hubby drove to the hall to check out the decorations -- the butik people had already left..Again, the colour was totally off -- everything was too bright -- they used a lot of bright pink instead of pastel pink & purple.. adoi another pening kepala.. by then it's already midnight and most of us pun dah tak larat dah nak buat apa2.. so we went back and crashed. Early on Saturday morning at around 7.30am -- I make the call to the boutique owner and ask them to rectify the decorations according to my request. I told her to make sure everything is done by 11.00am. She promised to do so and that's a bulk load off my shoulders.. By 8.30am both of us - hubby and I plus Yone had to pick up the groom from the hotel and drop them at the saloon to get ready. Then we went and pick up the photographers and bring them to the hall.. Sampai je kat the hall -- terus salin baju and bersiap.. My lovely brooch that I just bought online broke and tak dapat la nak melaram sakan masa tu..

Just before 12.00noon, Yone called to say they were ready and wanted us to come and pick them up.. By 12.20 macam tu, the bride and groom were already in the waiting room.. then the reception began.. Enjoy the pictures...

**For reference: the theme colour was - the married couples -purple, single ladies/girls -pink and the single men - green..

Monday, September 7, 2009

Bali trip..

I had so much of story to tell, but don't know where to start..

I guess during Ramadan ni, masa lebih banyak tertumpu kepada kerja, rushing balik ke rumah to beat the jam, then masak (or beli je kat Bazar Ramadan).. make sure all set for iftar.. Lepas iftar, fokus plak on ibadah (yang selalunya asyik ketinggalan -- berazam to ensure this part will increase this year -- alhamdullillah so far so good).. then terus tido --sebab by 4.00am dah nak bangun plak for sahur..That's it for my ramadan routine..However, the merdeka weekend I was very excited coz dapat balik Penang berbuka puasa with all my family members - immediate and extended.. Lepas the kenduri Yone a couple of months back (which reminds me, I still have 1 last entry abt that), was very glad to see all of them -- especially the small ones (Adi and Irfan -- wish Emran was there too, but I guess that will happen during raya ja kot).. dapat suprise birthday party lagi -- hehehe.. thank you to all my siblings, parents and my beloved husband (terlibat ke idak ni??)

Anyway -- back to my original story plan -- I was in Bali a couple of weeks back for the 9th ICAAP -- the flight was ok -- on time and we got to the hotel fine. However, the hotel we stayed in Nusa Dua was really, really horrible - the bath tub was moldy - the bathroom was dingy.. The ceiling was moldy and had water stains (don't think it was due to rain because there's another couple of floors above me) -- there was only 1 power socket which was used by the TV (small 14 inch TV) and there were a couple of times, I saw this 'ulat' - I used to call it 'Separ Bulan' mengulit mimpi di dalam toilet as well as in front of the closet.. eeeewwww..

It seems Letchumi had a lousy room too - so it's not just me.. Francyne who had to stay one night earlier at the same hotel pun complaint that it wasn't great (mind you, she got to stay in one of the presidential suite!! The hotel misplaced her reservation, so they upgrade her at the same price).. It's so not worth it for USD85.00 (this is conference rate kalau tidak it's more than USD100.00) per night.. Tapi memandangkan easy commute to the Convention Centre -- we make do je la..

Petang the first day tu, we had to attend the opening ceremony -- I didn't realise that it's going to be so windy and chilly at night so tak prepare with any thicker clothes. Also, asap rokok dengan merdekanya berterbangan di sekeliling ku menyebabkan tonsilku mula terasa bengkak.. Jenuh la dok pop-in the 'F**h*r**n F*i**d -- to make the sore throat go away.. The O.C. was good, tapi the speeches were quite long, orang semua dah lapar..And by the time the OC is over -- the food stations dah penuh dikerumuni ramai orang -- so we took the bus to get back to the hotel. We had our dinner at the hotel's restaurant je that night.

Overall the whole conference was good. The participants got what they want. Most of the participants are first timers in reporting on HIV/AIDS -- we had to spent quite a while to make sure they understand the sensitivity of reporting on HIV/AIDS. Alhamdullillah -- they all look quite excited about learning something new...

Also, this is the first time ever in my experience of handling these types of workshop the majority of the participants are women -- almost 90% -- only 2 guys (but 1 dropped out last minute - so last2 tinggal sorang)..

I also managed to finally meet Kak Pi of Pi's Twist during one of the interviews. The efforts and commitments of the NGO and the people running the NGO such as Buddies of Ipoh really deserve the highest salute from the community. Sungguh mulia hati mereka ini semua...

Kak Pi being interviewed by Shaza..

The troop from Buddies and ABU

By this time, I was quite sick -- nasib baik ada clinic kat the conference, went there quickly to get the medication before my fever escalates. Nanti tak boleh balik plak..kena kuarantine..

We were checked out from the hotel on the 11th and proceed to Kuta for our own time -- the hotel there (eventhough 3 star) was so much better.. we really love the room there..We did some shopping and spa the next day and by night time, boarded our plane back to KL..

cantik kan.. lupa plak nak amik gambar 'horror' kat the previous hotel..

Muka tak berapa sihat tapi tetap pegi shopping.. hehehe.. kat Erlangga..

It was a good trip...

Friday, August 21, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Girls day out..

Need to interrupt my posts on the wedding.. lepas ni will continue..

It's been a while since Leen, Zaili and I went out for a weekend outings.. I remembered those days when we were single (by 'we' - I meant Zaili and I -- Leen masih single .. hehehe.. Leen, jangan mare ye..), almost every other weekend we would have our outings.. The outings usually consists of movies (perasan tak the 's') and makan-makan.. What we usually do is either Saturday or Sunday, we will watch 2 movies back-to-back and then finished the day with makan-makan and chit-chat session..

When I first got married, the outings had dwindled a bit to just makan-makan and at least 1 movie.. When Zaili got married and had Fariz, the occasion of get-together had switched to makan-makan sessions in either my house or Zaili's house.. (of course this includes the spouses and Fariz).. After Fariz dah besar sikit, our outings kind of switched plak to the theater -- mainly just PLGM and P. Ramlee the Musical.. I think the last planned outing that we had was last year for the theater P. Ramlee the Musical some time in June, I think. I was injured that time and was heavily relying on the crutches - so nak tak nak, terpaksa la let go of the teater.. Nasib baik Leen managed to persuade her sister, Mira to join them so tak la rugi the tickets.. Zaili came over earlier to collect the tickets and tried to persuade me one last time to give it a go.. But, bila memikirkan the number of anak tangga that I have to climb even 2 atau 3 kat Istana Budaya tu, tak sanggup I nak take the risk.. so there goes our last outings..

In between tu adala we met each other kat functions/weddings tapi not on outings like we always do...

Ntah macamana .. last couple of weeks while I was on ym with Zaili, suddenly we decided we should do one soon.. best time would be last weekend(1/2 August) or the weekend of 15/16 because I'll be travelling to Bali this coming weekend for the ICAAP conference and Zaili is heading to Sandakan for a holiday.. Eventually we decided to go for yesterday -- the agenda --"The Proposal", lunch then balik...

The movie was at 11.15am and I reached MV at around 10.50am.. By then both Leen and Zaili dah sampai.. Zaili by 10.25 dah sampai and collected the ticket.. Zaili then suggested, since it's so hard to actually do the outing, why not we do 2 movies at one go... In the end we opt for this, start with "The Proposal" -- sampai at least 1.00pm, then lunch + cit-cat2, solat, window shopping (hehehe.. Leen almost bought the shoe and Zaili almost bought the bag...) and then around 4.00pm we went for the "Ghost of Girlfriends Past"..

We had a blast!!.. The Proposal was simply hilarious.. and cute.. we really enjoyed it so much.. and while having our lunch at K**n* R**e*'*.. we jump from one topic to another.. Mostly to catch up on what's been happening in each other's lives..Unfortunately, punye rancak berborak -- I langsung tak teringat to get a picture of us.. hish...memang confirm dah tua.. hehehe..

The second movie wasn't as good as the first one -- tapi takpe la -- the company that counts.. Anyway to Leen and Zaili -- thank you for the outing -- we should do it again maybe before the end of the year.. and Selamat Berpuasa..

Picture was take here.. Thumbs up for Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.. Enjoyed it very much..

P/S: There was a funny incident while we at the cashier -- to read it, go to my other blog..

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Wedding of the year.. for our family la...part 2

24.05.09 Pagi-pagi we all bangun -- terus start buat kerja.. Cik Abang, terus menuju ke garden mama -- tolong gantung blinds, ubah pasu, trim pokok2 mama dan seangkatan dengannya.. Me, don't quite remember what I did that morning. Probably tolong mama prepare breakfast (as in, punggah semua dari bungkusan2 yang ditapau dari Market Taman Tun Sa'ardon oleh Abah) and buat air.. Cik abang pukul 1.00 tgh, dah nak bertolak balik ke KL naik bas.

After breakfast, I started with my bunga pahar yang tak habis2 -- mana nak habis, one of the 'inti' tersalah buat, jadi kena bukak balik semula, buat yang betul and cantumkan.. Dapat la buat dalam 10 je pagi tu.. By lunch time, Mama dah siap masak -- suruh menantu sulung makan dulu sebab takut terlepas bas plak.. Kebetulan Mamu Non, Mami Timah and Farhana mai.. join la makan sekali. Bila Mamu Non tau my hubby nak balik KL petang tu, he terus offer to hantaq Nasir ke bas stesyen.. Alhamdullillah..

Around 3pm macam tu, rombongan from Ipoh pun sampai -- Wan Chik, Wan Chu, Meor and Adi came from Ipoh. Meor yg balik dari Ipoh (which is routine as a 'weekend husband') drove Wan Chik's car to Penang so that Wan Chik and Wan Chu can help out the whole week. By then all the aunties and cousin2 pun dah sampai and they started the work on the chocolates.. Nasib baik the chocolates semua selamat.. Memandangkan the weather was quite hot and humid, all chocolates had to be stored in my room (actually it's Yone's room tapi dia dah dapat bilik pengantin terpaksala we all menumpang kat bilik dia) with the aircond on almost all the time...(bill electric abah mesti naik punye la bulan tu)...

Sekejap je, almost 3/4 of the 1,000++ boxes have been filled. Tu la bila banyak tangan kerja pun jalan cepat..Malam tu we had one final 'commitee' meeting which was chaired by Meor.. All aunties left earlier and the cousins stayed back for the meeting. It went well -- I brought out all the food for them to enjoy while in their meeting. I stayed out since my tasks are mostly before the wedding -- sikit2 je that I have to take care during the wedding -- so Cha took notes of my tasks and all the rest punye tasks as well.. Ala2 take down minutes la tu..

25.05.09 -- Continued with my bunga pahar.. baru buat sikit, stop plak to help with the bunga telur(ie kotak2 bunga telur).. Finishing up packing the chocolates, masukkan dalam balance kotak2 and betulkan all the ribbons.. Petang tu, lepas Yone balik dari kerja both she and I together with Wan Chu went to collect my baju kat Aunty J's place, then singgah jap kat rumah Mami Khairun to solat, then proceeded to T*sc* - Wan Chu nak cari kedai B*t* nak cari kasut, we all plak nak cari potpourri essence for the bunga rampai...While we were there, Wan Chu buat citer kelakar -- ala2 abah.. which left us giggling all the way sampai balik rumah..

26.05.09 -- Pagi-pagi tu Yone and Meor pegi kerja.. I started with my bunga pahar again.. By lunch time Wan Chik and Wan Chu ajak I and Cha to start decorating the bilik pengantin.. We all pun started with the curtains.. Adoiii makkk... luckily Cha ada -- the whole railing thing ada masalah..Cha kira terror la jugak jadi MacGyver..Then we moved on to the katil... Adi through out this event happily played with all the gadgets yg berada di sekeliling we all.. Tak larat dah nak larang..Petang tu Yone balik tengok bilik semua dah siap -- dia dah mula nervous.. alamak..dah nak kawin ke ???
Mama actually sew the sequins on the bantal2 dan kusyen2 warna beige.. Mama memang like to do the small, creative little things for her kids wedding.. Masa my wedding, she put in pearl beads on my cadar to make it more interesting and cantik...She even sew a new set of 'tikar sila' for my wedding and that has been used numerous times now by cousins and siblings..We are so lucky to have Mama as our mother..

To be continued....

Kotak coklat yang telah disusun elok2 dalam kotak besar...

Kotak2 yang diletak dalam the bakul -- ready for the guests..

Bilik pengantin yang disiapkan oleh Cha, Wan Chu, Wan Chik and myself.. Ni hantaran pun dah siap letak tp blm susun betul2 lagi time ni..

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Wedding of the year.. for our family la...part 1

It's been more than a month now since the wedding of Yone and Azri.. It's about a year ago when they got engaged. Time do fly by quickly...

Anyway, this is my take on the whole wedding preparation from my point of view...

Both Cha (my younger sis) and I took a week of leave from work to help/start with the preparation at home for the wedding. For me, the week started from the afternoon of the 22nd of May..

22.05.09 (Friday) - around 2.00 pm went straight to Serdang to B**y*'s Chocolate factory to get all the chocolates for the wedding favours..Decided to bring all the chocolates home (sebab takut cair -- almaklumla, the climate is so hot and humid) then continue with the tasks to be completed. Sampai rumah around 4.00pm, unload the stuff and saw hubby sampai.. Told him about the things that I still need to do, he said he'll come along after Asar. So, right after solat Asar, went straight to S*F in Damansara for last minute purchase of stuff. Left around 7.30pm, called Aunty Nie nak check whether we can come over then. Got green light, went straight to her place in Kelana Jaya. Aunty Nie is the one decorated the bakul2 hantaran so went there to collect all the bakul. Bila sampai je kat sana, tengok Tok Bachik and co. is, I agak mesti sangkut lama punye ni..True enough by 9.30, we are still there -- I have 1 more stop to make -- W**d**m**k to collect my cupcakes, tapi tengok cik abang dok rancak berborak.. terus ajak Peepee(Syafiqah - anak dara A. Nie) to accompany me to collect the cupcakes and came back to the house. Nasib baik sempat.. brought back some cuppies for orang rumah to rasa.. Left A. Nie's house almost midnight.. Sampai rumah dekat pukul 1.00 pagi -- terus flat, packing tak habis lagi -- esok lah...

23.05.09 (Saturday) - planningnya nak balik Penang awal2 pagi, tapi pasal packing tak habis - gedebak-gedebuk pukul 1.30 tgh baru keluar rumah.. Bila tengah sangkut dalam jam kat area Batu Caves tu, hati dah mula risau takut coklat semua cair tengah hari panas ni.. Hubby kata better not to take the risks -- nanti bila sampai Penang, semua coklat melt -- baru habis citer semua.. So, call mama -- told her that we will leave bila dah malam/sejuk sikit sebab takut coklat cair. Mama was ok, Abah was not so excited (before that Abah dah brapa kali call, dok tanya pukul brapa we all nak bertolak -- tak sabar-sabar Abah) -- tapi bila dah explain -- ok la..We all pun patah balik, unload back all the chocolates into the house and tunggu sampai around 6.00pm.

By 6.00pm -- all the chocolates were all back in the car -- the Myvi macam tongkang pecah -- all the seats behind had be flatten sebab too many things. Nasib baik tak kena bawak the wedding cake. If not, dah tak tau nak letak mana. I had to riba the cupcakes sebab takut terpenyek.. Anyway, ngam-ngam 6.30 we all bertolak, hujan pun turun dengan lebatnya. Terpaksa singgah R*B Bank dulu - nak drop chq for car repayment. Nanti terus terlupa.. The journey wasn't eventful as I was knock out most of the time -- letih.. At around 10.00pm berenti kat Bukit Gantang to have the nasi lemak and hilangkan mengantuk cik abang.. At around midnight, we all pun sampai -- Abah setia menanti, menunggu nak bukak kan pintu untuk we all sebab semua orang dah tido..Abah bagitau that Emilia, wife my cousin Haikal baru bersalin at around 7.30 kat Tawakal Hospital.. Alahai, apsal tak cakap, tidak we all pun dapat singgah tadi sebelum bertolak..

**To be continued...

P/S: Dengan blurnya, I forgot to take pictures -- yg ada ni pun atas ehsan cousin2 yang rajin menangkap gambar.. The ones yg quite blur-blur tu are from my handphone. Almaklumla, tak dak kamera canggih..

Birthday cuppies for mama (more fore makan2 sebenarnya..hehehe..)

The bakul-bakul hantaran together with the hantaran... Pandai A. Nie, mengubah..

The wedding cake yang almost dibawak balik..Nasib baik tak jadi..(Wedding Cake is courtesy of Aunty Jan..)

Friday, June 26, 2009

Simply Awesome!!!!

After the week long of sick leave, both hubby and I treat ourselves to a dosage of an awesome movie late last night at the GSC Pavilion.. It was truly amazing. Truthfully over my expectations. Reached home at 4.00am and couldn't really go straight to sleep.

Now, for those who knew my husband -- you would know that he dislikes movies(mostly). If you are able to catch him watching a movie on the tv -- that's considered a miracle. Even when the movie was about to start last night, he started with "do you think they can turn the volume down ???" hehehe... that's my beloved husband.

Anyway, how did I persuaded him to go for this one -- surprise, surprise -- this time round, practically no persuasion needed. While we were sick the past few days, we were watching more TV than we usually do. Stumbled upon the VIP Access on HBO and it was focused on what else -- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Now, both of us watched the first Transformers on HBO earlier this year (or was it last year?? mmmm..). Dear hubby was so captivated by the movie. I told him, it would have been better if we saw it on the big screen. He said, how come I dunno about this movie ? I said, that's because you are not a fan of movies, period. So, to cut the story short -- he's now very excited that the second movie is out and willing to go to the cinema to catch it. So, after being cooped up in the house for the past one week, we decided to go to Pavilion for it. We arrived around 6.00pm and by then -- everything was selling fast. The ones yang tinggal are seats on 2 rows from the screen. Hubby was reluctant to go for it as nanti tak puas tengok the screen. So we opt for the midnight show at 12.45am.

The key reason why this one catches his attention -- the military stuff and the technology..It was awesome -- thanks abang ;-)

P/S: I have a couple of entries that's overdue -- especially about the wedding.. will do it soon..

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Azim & Saleha and the coming wedding..

As might you know the month of May this year is a very busy month for our extended family as there are 2 weddings happening this month.

On the 1st of May - my cousin Azim got married to his lovely wife Saleha. Since both of them are from Penang, it was easier to do all the kenduris in the same weekend. On Friday, was the akad nikah, Saturday was the kenduri on Saleha's side at the Dewan Sri Pinang and on Sunday our kenduri -- at the new bay constructed - Tanjung City Marina.. It is such a beautiful place to hold your wedding reception especially with the breeze blowing and the view of the yatch docked there.

Soon on the 29th May will be my younger sister's turn (Yone and Azri).. Her akad nikah is going to be on that day and the reception will be on the 30th May.. Both my hubby and I sincerely wish both couples greatest happiness in their new chapter of life..

Here are some photos from the events..

These are the bunga pahar that I'm doing for Yone's wedding..

Baru sikit je siap.. soon have to finish it -- I'm due to leave for Penang this Saturday!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The aching continues....

Oh no, no, no... Nothing so dramatic as a heartbroken etc..

For the past one year both my bottom wisdom teeth has been giving me a lot of problems. The infection gums and acheness. You see, instead of growing up like the other normal teeth, these two are lying down sideways embedded in my gums. Meaning the teeth want to grow but because they are lying sideways -they keep pushing all my other teeth where all the teeth dah senget benget (I can see it in the x-ray).. Dah la sideways, tak nampak plak tu. It's like watching the tip of an iceberg -- sikit je tipnye nampak -- the rest are all inside the gum.

Picture courtesy of US National Library of Medicine

I've been postponing the treatment for a number of reasons -

1. The doctor/dentist said there's a slight risk of my lips being permanently/temporarily numb -- this is because both of the roots are so very near the nerves that connects the brain and the lips. If they operate, they could hit the nerve and my lips could be permanently numb - scary.. so dok postpone la..but the risk is small about 5-10%.. but risk is still risk..

2. Secondly, I've been going back and forth about doing it as an operation -- meaning kena buat GA and admit hospital -- they put me to sleep and take out all 4 wisdom teeth (top and bottom). Or I could go to the hospital 4 times and do it one by one. By the way, I first went to a private dentist, it's going to cost me at least RM500.00 per tooth. And the dentist did not explain to me no 1. I went to the Klinik Kerajaan in Bangsar and they referred me to GH - under Jabatan Bedah Mulut. So all these was explained to me by the doctor/dentist in GH.

I've been asking a lot of people whether to do it one shot or do it one-by-one. Ada yg suggest suruh buat one shot - senang, sekali je sakit.. Ada yg suggest buat one-by-one sebab at least you can still eat one side if you do it one-by one..Kalau buat sekaligus, kot tak tahan la bila the anaesthetics has worn off..besides you can't eat for a while..

Anyway, been delaying for so long until my gums got infected again last week.. I had no choice, called up the hospital and set the appointment to do it one-by-one on the 14th May. It was done yesterday -- the experience was scary but I still got thru it alright. The were a lot of things going on inside my mouth -- I think there were 3 people standing around me at that time, the dentist was sweating like a p*g, I can see the droplets gracing the floor, I can smell the burning smell when he 'gergaji' a.k.a saw the tooth into 2.. (they had to do it this way because the roots are so strong and embedded into the gum). He said he have to buang the tulang2 disekeliling the gigi first, then baru boleh potong dua the gigi and then pull it out -- half by half.. All in all I think it took him about an hour to do the deed.. My right wisdom tooth is finally out -- after the anaesthetic has worn off, it was hurting so bad.. Nasib baik he gave me a very strong pain killers, I was able to sleep last night. I am on medical leave for 3 days -- yeah not going to the office with a swollen face, thank you..Besides, the doctor doesn't want the wound (which have to be stitched) to bleed. I'm going back next week to take out the stitch and to check my lips..It feels fine to me now but who knows -- tawakal aje la..

Wonder when will I go for the other bottom tooth.. emmmm...

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Book Day.. and a belated Happy Earth Day

Happy Book Day everyone ! Let's continue reading more books!!

P/S: Abg A'a -- your "The Kite Runner" is with me. Hope to pass it to you this weekend (Yone is coming over this weekend)

and a belated Earth Day!! Make everyday an Earth Day, continue recycling, reduce plastic waste, contribute while we can. It's scary watching the docus on National Geographic last night.

P/S: Went to Gi*nt last night for some groceries shopping, brought all my non-woven bags to pack all my things in. Got a lot of stares and gawking all right. Mmmm....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kenangan masa lalu....

While reading Kak Kama's blog about the recent visit by David Archuletta (from American Idol), teringat masa zaman muda-muda dulu.. Me and my siblings were at one stage, were so into KRU. I remembered all the recording we did (mostly it was me sebab I'm the eldest) on VHS whenever the brothers appeared on TV. Tak kisah la, iklan ke trailer ke, kejap ke lama ke.. punye la record tak ingat dunia. Ber'tape-tape' .. Meor (my brother) and cousin Haikal plak siap pegi belajar menari ala-ala DanceKRU -- Abah siap record on VideoCam lagi all their actions.. (This was in late 1980s into early 90s -- videocams are not cheap and not light -- it's so heavy but abah bought it nonetheless because he wants to start taking all the antiques of the kids then). I think Meor and Haikal was in their Form 1/2 macam tu. Dah tak tau kat mana dah the videocam.. kalau ada tu, mesti Meor and Haikal will NOT want to watch the whole thing..

Anyway, the point of my story is -- last week during one of our training kat IPTAR ni, I bumped into one of the brothers - Norman who was sitting at the lobby area tingkat 2 tengah berdiskusi with one of his staff (I think relative dia kot sebab iras muka ada). Anyway, I introduced myself professionally because I need his (Norman's) input on one of the stuff I'm working on. We exchange name cards and I promised to contact him soon about the details..

At that point I didn't think of anything and just talked. But later on when I thought about the experience back.. gelihati plak -- dulu aku tergila-gila la kat dia ni, sekarang eemm, dah tak heran dah.. I guess I have matured and left all the silliness behind. When one of our temp staff came to know about me meeting Norman, he quipped" Apsal tak tangkap gambar kak ?" I'm like - "What ???!! Ishk - tak kuasa aku..". He's young only 17 ke 18 -- still in the stage of euphoria when meeting artists.

The name card -- minus the contacts. Don't think I should provide all those details on the net..

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Being Tagged again.."All about my other half"

It's been a while since I've done any of these tagging stuff (Abg A.. I know I owed you one but can't remember what it was on about -- insyallah kalau rajin, I'll do it)...

And now since my cousin Yah and my fellow blogger Kak Shana both tagged me on this one, I guess I'll do it -- everything I know about my other half, here goes ................

1) He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?

Ada 3
1. Sports Channel (fav - F1 or any other type of racing - rally ke motor ke) or Football (depends on which league and who's playing) or Badminton kalau ada Malaysian team yg main. Currently, the cycling track is grabbing his attention. Nasib baik Azizulhasni tu dapat jugak pingat perak. Tapi kalau dapat emas lagi best...
2. News Channel
3. Learning Channel + Discovery Travel and Living -- suka tengok all the landscapes in other parts of the world.

2) You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad? I would say he prefers it without any dressing. He's a very green man -- he likes all his vegies in their original colour and taste..

3) What’s one food he doesn’t like? I have to say macaroni -- he said it tasted rubbery and looked like a 'paip getah' ..

4) You go out to eat and have a drink. What does he order?
Drinks - Teh Tarik gelas besar, Makan - Meehoon Sup

5) Where did he go to high school?
Sekolah Menengah Maxwell (for those yg tak tau kat mana sekolah ni, it's across the road from PWTC on the way ke arah Jalan Ipoh).

6) What size shoes does he wear? 8 kot..

7) If he was to collect anything, what would it be?
That would be the racing cars/motorbikes miniatures.

8) What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Not a sandwich guy, tapi kalau ada makan je la -- so far I think sardine sandwic kot yg paling suka..

9) What would this person eat every day if he could?
This is so easy -- timun and meehoon sup. But timun mesti yang banyak air, meehoon sup mesti yg tak berminyak, meehoon kena ngam-ngam kembang and jangan letak macam2 sayur yg bukan2. He prefers it clean and simple. (Now u know why he looks like he is -- very healthy eating habits- so unlike me hehehe..)

10) What is his favorite cereal?
Corn Flakes kot - tapi jarang la..

11) What would he never wear?
Bright red t-shirt or anything that resembles a 'ladies' colour t-shirt.

12) What is his favorite sports team?
F1 - used to be BMW Sauber but now rasanya team Brawn Mercedes and Team Malaysia for the track cycling.

13) Who did he vote for? Eemmm - this I know, but undi adalah rahsia kan..

14) Who is his best friend? ME! This was repeated to me numerous times..(eee.. perasan!!) -- Yang lain2 tu, Ramesh, Sam, Hairi, Thong dll...

15) What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do? What else la -- shopping -- mengabiskan duit yang ada...hahaha..

16) What is his heritage? purely born and breed in KL --tapi parents asalnya orang Terengganu

17) What is his favourite colour? Blue and Green, sometimes black and white..

18) What is his habit? Suka sakat saya!!

19) What is he proud of?
His gardens creation. What the heck-- I'm also proud of our garden at home.

20) Lastly, do you think he will read this?
Yes, eventually.. tengok apa dia kata na..

Let's see who else to tag -- eeemmmm......semua yg dah berkahwin dah ditag.. takpe la.. sapa2 yang rasa nak continue this tag, you are welcome to do so...

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Last January I was entrusted with this project -- a training project, a collaboration with ADB on issues di Coral Triangle area..This is the first time I am totally handling the project on my own without much assistance from my boss..

And tonite-- hasil from that project, on Buletin Utama - Puspa did a piece about the decreasing number of turtles yang melawat ke Rantau Abang.. I am happy with the report - it was short, simple and has it's impact. Tak sabar nak tunggu hari Isnin ni for the second workshop and discuss about this piece and other pieces yang dibawa oleh yang lain-lain..


Thursday, March 5, 2009

Beijing Trip -- work + fun

Okla.. I didn't get the chance to update at all in Beijing.. Mana taknya, asal ada free time either pegi shopping or was invited for dinner or sembang menyembang dengan K. Hanizah. Actually this trip was organised by K. Hanizah and CCTV. My contribution in this is fairly small --- just a bit of presentation to promote my prizes -- ABU Prizes on Climate Change and HIV/AIDS Reporting to the CCTV producers. Besides that ada buat other meetings for future projects..

It was a succesful trip. Totally satisfied. Biarla semua gambar-gambar yang ada ni bercerita…
Ni gambar amik masa workshop first day – with Asako Kume, a NHK producer and Dr Nawiyah, the moderator from IPTAR.

My first presentation ever -- nasib baik ada translator -- while he's translating what I said, I took the time to calm down..

Ni jakun sikit-- first time tengok real snow - perakgh teruih!! Nasib baik kotor kalau tidak siap dah melompat-lompat kot hehehe. This is actually a frozen lake.. tak nampak macam frozen kan ?? This is near one of the entrance to the Great Wall... Another shot near the entrance -- while waiting for K. Hanizah to finish her business in the washroom.. OOoiii.. air macam ais batu punye sejuk.. Dekat-dekat situ la jugak.. Ni konon-kononnya nak mencari entrance to the cable car -- tapi sempat bergambar dulu.. Both ladies in distress.. cari the counter for cable car entrance, tapi tak dak orang.. really like ghost town.. confius..
Rupanya tempat lain.. akhirnya naik la jugak cable car menuju ke great wall tu (tujuan naik cable car -- tak larat nak panjat naik great wall tu.. lenguh uih..) The view from inside the cable car -- beautiful eh... The sights of the Great Wall from different angle... look at the mountains..ishk.. ishk..ishk.. Ni kononnya trying to be artistic in photography la ni..berangan ^~^ Mula-mula gambar innocent je.. this is with Dr Nawiyah..

Another artistic attempt.. (I think you can see the enlarge version -- just click on the picture)
Mula dah start 'weng' sikit..
Ala-ala Cinderella Asian gitu ..

K. Hanizah pun dah start posing maut..

Another beauty shot..

Against the wall -- the walkway are pretty steep -- senget2 berdiri..

Ni dah habis destress la ni - in front of Ming's Tombs

Pas tu amik la satu gambar bersopan..

Introducing the monument..

By this time, K. Hanizah dah tak kuasa nak posing ayu..experimenting abih la ni..

Met a mother with her two kids -- look la at the cheeks -- ishk geram.. the sister lagi geram tapi very shy, tak dapat nak tangkap gambar dia..
Cantik kan the view ??
This is breathtakingly beautiful -- I think because the weather is too cold, not that many people visited the Ming's tombs tu yg dapat this cool picture..
Amik la gambar to prove that's it's real and we are in it..

This is Dr Nawiyah's passion -- she is so in love with pokok 'botak' -- abih semua orang disuruhnya tangkap gambaq kat pokok2 botak ni..
This is another shot of the beautiful garden -- kali ni of course with all the creatures behind..

Tangkap la satu gambar kat gajah ni.. the end of the jalan2 episod..
This was taken after dinner on the last night we were in Beijing.. Besides us 3, the tall lady is Ivy who was the host for that dinner. The lady at the right end, next to Dr Nawiyah is Wang Yan -- the nicest person I've ever met, took us around to the shops, belanja us dinner, make sure we have our own driver that can drive us around to the Great Wall and the Ming's Tombs and bought fruits for us to bawak balik.. totally one generous lady..