Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Bangkok Trip......

It's been a while since I visited Bangkok.. 6 months or so.. Not so long as some would expect.. But Bangkok is a place where I frequently visit in a year due to work requirement. The nature of my work which is in International Relations and Development Projects requires me and the team to organise our meetings and workshops in Bangkok because Bangkok is where the UN Regional office is. On top of that, it's the center of air traffic in the region so it's easier to get to Bangkok for a Mongolian or Fijian than to go to Hanoi or Seoul. KL pun ok gak.. tapi tau2 aje la mat salleh.. lebih suka kan Bangkok..bebas..

Bangkok has a new airport now and it has been operational since September last year. Tapi frankly speaking, I thought KLIA looked better. 1 good thing though.. sekarang dah ada muslim prayer rooms kat the new airport - Suvarnabhumi International Airport is the name.

This time the meeting was great sebab we had a few field trips yang enable the producers to get closer to the subjects - ie HIV/AIDS patients kat Mercy Center, small children which goes to the kindergarten kat Mercy Center tu..Nanti kalau I dah figure out macamana nak attach gambar, I will post it here.

Monday, February 12, 2007


After a long time watching others' blog, my husband manage to finally convinced me to blog myself.. So here it is.. the first of my posting..

Just got back from Bangkok on late Saturday night..Noticed that the surrounding area of KLIA was hazy. Praise to Allah the Almighty, today it rains heavily after a couple of weeks of long dry spell.. Nasir is the most grateful one as it saved most of his subjects.. His plants of course.. ;-)

Will tell you more about my Bangkok trip on my next posting..