Friday, April 29, 2011

When Zikri turn 1 year old...

On 28th April 2011, cukupla umur Muhammad Zikri one year old.. Tak sangka - begitu cepat masa berlalu..After all the years waiting for a small one, it's such a joy (and kadang2 terror as well) watching him grow... He's such a cheeky child -- but quite aware of strangers... Right now I guess the stranger anxiety phase is in full force -- mak ai... kalau menjerit/menangis boleh tahan jugak seramnya dengar..

Anyway, before Zikri turn one - a couple of weeks ago he was really sick - fever sampai more than 1 week tak kebah2. Eventually had to admit him in the hospital - was there for 4 days and 3 nights. He got ear infections, conjunctivitis -- on top of the fever, cough and flu..It was the most tiring week for me.. And with my current condition -- lagi la letih...dan lenguh.. (ooo -- i forgot to mention that I'm currently in my 22/23 week pregnancy -- ok, ok.. I need to story about that too - takpe, next entry).

He's much better now - on his birthday he also had to have his 1 year old jab - the MMR. For the time being, he looks ok. According to the nurse, he won't have fever this time round. I hope that's true.. After the jab, we decided to do a cake cutting ceremony with him and his friends at my SIL's place. Nasib baik mood baik -- here are some pictures..

Seksanya nak tukar baju.. asyik sibuk nak pegi kat ayah je..

Ok.. dah siap...

Amik gambar dulu with his friends..cuba tengok expression Lutfi yang excited tengok kek..

First birthday cake Zikri..

Bukan senang nak suruh si kenit ni posing dengan kek dia..Kek lagi besar dari empunya diri..

Dah potong kek, mengantuk plak.. tak senang tengok kek tu sendirian aje..

Kawan-kawan tengah sibuk makan kek..

Sibuk nak pegang kotak-kotak..

Posing jap ngan mama..

Sibuk nak tengok handphone kak Nana..nak tengok gambar diri sendiri la tu... quite vain jugak si kecik ni..

Birthday pose..

Last pose dengan abang Lutfi - the only other boy yg my SIL jaga..

Buat Zikri, anak mama and ayah... mama dan ayah doakan kesejahteraan, kebahagiaan dan kesihatan yang baik untuk Zikri.. Semoga jadi anak yang baik dan soleh... Amin...Sayang anak mama...

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Zikri at 10 month old..

Salam.. adoi.. lamanya tak update blog..Bukan apa, during the long holiday (CNY) - I was out sick for more than 2 weeks.. Siap masuk hospital for 3 days for my asthma attacks.. Lama betul tak kena asthma. Sekali kena, dengan kadar yang sangat teruk..

Anyway, this post is meant to commemorate Zikri's 10-month konon birthday la.. dah besar dah anak mama.. kejap nanti - dah 1 year... Anyway last 28th February cukup la umur Zikri 10 bulan.. Dah banyak akal dah sekarang ni.. macam-macam drama dia.. Here are some pictures of him taken last Sunday and a couple this morning...

By the way, last week, akhirnya dua gigi Zikri dah menjelma.. wah..sekarang apa lagi, kuat mengigit la.. Dengan sekuat-kuat hati tu.. For the time being masih la lagi rasa geli-geli.. esok gigi tu dah besar mau sakit punya tu...

Mama kononnya berangan la masa kecik-kecik dulu nak biar Zikri on fully cloth diapers.. sekali tak menjadi.. umur nak masuk 10 bulan baru la try out his first cloth diaper -- tu tengah menayang CD la kat mama tu sambil hang out kat garden ayah...hahaha..

Another shot, another day.. rilek je duduk atas batu sungai tu -- sejuk kot, tu yang syok tu..
Taken this morning -- sibuk main his first 'party bag' courtesy of Aunty Letchumi's niece whose birthday was yesterday.. Bukannya Zikri boleh makan pun.. mama ngan ayah la dapat habuan.. Zikri dapat main je la..

Sesungguh hati main dengan the party bag...

Seronok main cak-cak dengan mama..hahaha.. tapi mata dah kuyu dah..

Zikri geli mama geletek kaki dia.. hihihi..

Tengok la sat anak sapa duduk sungguh tak sopan.. Aish.. awat ni ??? Restless la tu..

Monday, January 17, 2011

Reflections of 2010, Hopes for 2011

It's been more than half a month now in 2011 and I just had the chance to do an entry to reflect on the happenings on 2010.. 2010 is very special to me in many ways - the most happiest year, as well as the most stressful year for me personally. In 2010, I had received the most precious gift from Allah -- my baby boy - Muhammad Zikri.. Alhamdullillah he's doing well, we enjoyed all his antics at home.. Of course the 'sound' volume now has increased quite significantly - sampai neighbours can hear him clearly..But that's life.. alhamdullillah..

At the same time - my career kind of suffering when the organisation had a major reshuffle and the new management had made a lot changes that affects the staff(especially local)'s rights as an employee. A lot of staff had decided to leave and I'm not suprised if most of the old staff will be gone soon. It's very frustrating and if Allah wills it, I will probably follow suit. I hope Allah will give me guidance to make the right choices and ease the burden secepat mungkin.. Amin.. This is my hope for 2011.. We shall see how it goes..