Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Azim & Saleha and the coming wedding..

As might you know the month of May this year is a very busy month for our extended family as there are 2 weddings happening this month.

On the 1st of May - my cousin Azim got married to his lovely wife Saleha. Since both of them are from Penang, it was easier to do all the kenduris in the same weekend. On Friday, was the akad nikah, Saturday was the kenduri on Saleha's side at the Dewan Sri Pinang and on Sunday our kenduri -- at the new bay constructed - Tanjung City Marina.. It is such a beautiful place to hold your wedding reception especially with the breeze blowing and the view of the yatch docked there.

Soon on the 29th May will be my younger sister's turn (Yone and Azri).. Her akad nikah is going to be on that day and the reception will be on the 30th May.. Both my hubby and I sincerely wish both couples greatest happiness in their new chapter of life..

Here are some photos from the events..

These are the bunga pahar that I'm doing for Yone's wedding..

Baru sikit je siap.. soon have to finish it -- I'm due to leave for Penang this Saturday!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

The aching continues....

Oh no, no, no... Nothing so dramatic as a heartbroken etc..

For the past one year both my bottom wisdom teeth has been giving me a lot of problems. The infection gums and acheness. You see, instead of growing up like the other normal teeth, these two are lying down sideways embedded in my gums. Meaning the teeth want to grow but because they are lying sideways -they keep pushing all my other teeth where all the teeth dah senget benget (I can see it in the x-ray).. Dah la sideways, tak nampak plak tu. It's like watching the tip of an iceberg -- sikit je tipnye nampak -- the rest are all inside the gum.

Picture courtesy of US National Library of Medicine

I've been postponing the treatment for a number of reasons -

1. The doctor/dentist said there's a slight risk of my lips being permanently/temporarily numb -- this is because both of the roots are so very near the nerves that connects the brain and the lips. If they operate, they could hit the nerve and my lips could be permanently numb - scary.. so dok postpone la..but the risk is small about 5-10%.. but risk is still risk..

2. Secondly, I've been going back and forth about doing it as an operation -- meaning kena buat GA and admit hospital -- they put me to sleep and take out all 4 wisdom teeth (top and bottom). Or I could go to the hospital 4 times and do it one by one. By the way, I first went to a private dentist, it's going to cost me at least RM500.00 per tooth. And the dentist did not explain to me no 1. I went to the Klinik Kerajaan in Bangsar and they referred me to GH - under Jabatan Bedah Mulut. So all these was explained to me by the doctor/dentist in GH.

I've been asking a lot of people whether to do it one shot or do it one-by-one. Ada yg suggest suruh buat one shot - senang, sekali je sakit.. Ada yg suggest buat one-by-one sebab at least you can still eat one side if you do it one-by one..Kalau buat sekaligus, kot tak tahan la bila the anaesthetics has worn off..besides you can't eat for a while..

Anyway, been delaying for so long until my gums got infected again last week.. I had no choice, called up the hospital and set the appointment to do it one-by-one on the 14th May. It was done yesterday -- the experience was scary but I still got thru it alright. The were a lot of things going on inside my mouth -- I think there were 3 people standing around me at that time, the dentist was sweating like a p*g, I can see the droplets gracing the floor, I can smell the burning smell when he 'gergaji' a.k.a saw the tooth into 2.. (they had to do it this way because the roots are so strong and embedded into the gum). He said he have to buang the tulang2 disekeliling the gigi first, then baru boleh potong dua the gigi and then pull it out -- half by half.. All in all I think it took him about an hour to do the deed.. My right wisdom tooth is finally out -- after the anaesthetic has worn off, it was hurting so bad.. Nasib baik he gave me a very strong pain killers, I was able to sleep last night. I am on medical leave for 3 days -- yeah not going to the office with a swollen face, thank you..Besides, the doctor doesn't want the wound (which have to be stitched) to bleed. I'm going back next week to take out the stitch and to check my lips..It feels fine to me now but who knows -- tawakal aje la..

Wonder when will I go for the other bottom tooth.. emmmm...