Saturday, February 13, 2010

Diaper Cakes Giveaway Contest!!!

My dear cousin sister - Siti Nurbaizurah had started her own home-based business -- providing creative ways to give presents to newborn babies or younger children...aside from other things..

I really like her business idea and would like to help her promote her business.. Currently she's having a giveaway contest on her business blog -- sayangnya -- adik-beradik tak boleh join.
Note to Yah -- nanti buat giveaway contest just for adik-beradik no! -hehehehe...

Please do go and visit her blog - click on the banner below..

Below are some samples of her 'scrumptious ' looking cakes...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update -- 5th check up...

Last Monday was my fifth monthly check up -- by now I'm in my 24th weeks.. Alhamdullilah everything is so far, so good.. Baby slightly bigger than the normal size.. Prof kata it should be around 750gm but mine is about 883gm..

Alhamdullillah also, my blood pressure dah semakin turun so now Prof suruh totally stopped my BP medication. Aspirin (in very small dosage) however I still have to continue sampai deliver rasanya.. Kedudukan plasenta pun ok, content of amniotic fluid pun ok -- he was worried takut terbanyak --- then that would indicate diabetic..

Sebenarnya being pregnant when you are overweight -- is really very risky. You are exposed/prone to get a lot of things.. On top of that, I'm not young anymore...hehehee...lagi la risky.. Tapi alhamdullillah, I'm controlling my food.. I drink a lot (I mean a lot -- at least 2 liters) of water -- and stay away from sweet stuff..

Next check up -- he wants to give me a jab for 'kancing gigi' -- which is actually meant for the baby but he's giving it through me..

Unfortunately last week -- I had a very, very bad case of food poisoning -- I've been having diarrhea and vomiting every day for the last 5-6 days.. I lost 2 kg within 4 days -- habis drain out all the water -- luckily I kuat minum air so at least I'm hydrated so tak payah la masuk drips.. Nasib baik.. Alhamdullillah now dah ok sikit, but I still cannot take milk -- ada kengkawan yang suggest suruh switch to soya bean -- tapi susah nak cari soya bean yang belum pre-mix with air gula.. I kalau boleh nak beli yang ada sikit je air gula -- just untuk ada taste sikit je.. yg manis2 tak nak.. Kalau ada yang tau kat mana nak beli, let me know ye -- kalau boleh yang orang Melayu buatla, lalu sikit nak minum...hehehe..

Prof was also surprised to see that my legs are not swollen -- means no water retention.. Probably because I minum banyak air..But on the flip side, my right arm & wrists are in constant numb/pain -- it's called carpal tunnel syndrome -- nothing much can be done about it -- so sometimes I have to bandage the wrist to minimise movements.

That's it for this month... please continue to pray for me and my baby.. Thank you so much...

On a different note, Mama, Abah, Cha and Wan Chik bertolak ke Madinah on the same Monday for umrah until 21st February. Harap-harap semuanya selamat...