Friday, June 26, 2009

Simply Awesome!!!!

After the week long of sick leave, both hubby and I treat ourselves to a dosage of an awesome movie late last night at the GSC Pavilion.. It was truly amazing. Truthfully over my expectations. Reached home at 4.00am and couldn't really go straight to sleep.

Now, for those who knew my husband -- you would know that he dislikes movies(mostly). If you are able to catch him watching a movie on the tv -- that's considered a miracle. Even when the movie was about to start last night, he started with "do you think they can turn the volume down ???" hehehe... that's my beloved husband.

Anyway, how did I persuaded him to go for this one -- surprise, surprise -- this time round, practically no persuasion needed. While we were sick the past few days, we were watching more TV than we usually do. Stumbled upon the VIP Access on HBO and it was focused on what else -- Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Now, both of us watched the first Transformers on HBO earlier this year (or was it last year?? mmmm..). Dear hubby was so captivated by the movie. I told him, it would have been better if we saw it on the big screen. He said, how come I dunno about this movie ? I said, that's because you are not a fan of movies, period. So, to cut the story short -- he's now very excited that the second movie is out and willing to go to the cinema to catch it. So, after being cooped up in the house for the past one week, we decided to go to Pavilion for it. We arrived around 6.00pm and by then -- everything was selling fast. The ones yang tinggal are seats on 2 rows from the screen. Hubby was reluctant to go for it as nanti tak puas tengok the screen. So we opt for the midnight show at 12.45am.

The key reason why this one catches his attention -- the military stuff and the technology..It was awesome -- thanks abang ;-)

P/S: I have a couple of entries that's overdue -- especially about the wedding.. will do it soon..