Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Red Ribbon Gala, ala2 open house and being on camera..

This was supposed to be uploaded last week.. tapi dah ter'miss' plak. Anyway here it goes (posted on 3rd November).. the recent long Deepavali weekend holiday was such an eventful cuti for me, got 2 open houses, a dinner (for work) and people came over to the house for raya -- so kumpulkan semua datang satu hari, jadila ala2 open house.. Didn't get to go the open houses though - tak sempat..

The dinner that I attended for work was called the Red Ribbon Gala -- a media awards given for programmes on HIV/AIDS -- in print, broadcast and also theatre etc.. Actually Lisa was the one who got the invitation as she was one of the judges. But because Lisa is soon leaving the job and country, she wants me to continue with the networking. Of course -- I forgot to mention that the event was organised by the Malaysia AIDS Council and Malaysia AIDS Foundation.

The guess of honour was the Agong himself (but he didn't make it), only the Permaisuri attended. Tun Mahathir, wife and daughter (Marina) was also there. Najib was supposed to come as well but the menteri Kesihatan was sent on behalf. Sarimah Ibrahim and a chinese guy by the name of Hansen were the emcees for the night. The food was gourmet food, as suspected -- since I haven't acquired the taste for gourmet food, didn't enjoy it that much.

Overall it was a very good event, everything went well but I as usual feel 'kind of out of place'. This type of thingy is really not my forte..But it was good to experience a charity auction and a real fashion show and of course some networking. By 11.00pm I was so ready to leave..

That was on Saturday.. Sunday was spent on cleaning up the house and preparing the food. Early Monday morning at around 1.00am got up to cook 'rendang ayam' for all the guests yang nak datang tengahari tu -- cooked until 4.30am. Tidur jap, bangun solat subuh sambung masak mee kari sampai siap. By 1.00 everything was ready.. semua orang enjoy the food -- alhamdullillah, berbaloi la jugak kerja keras ku.. by 5.30pm semua orang dah balik..

My hubby however had promised his Indian childhood friend that we will be coming to celebrate Deepavali with them, so dengan keadaan yang penat tu, pegi la jugak to their house lepas Maghrib. Malam tu, terus hit the sack dengan nyenyaknya..

Here are some pictures..

I was sitting near the emcees -- tapi it was too dark, tak nampak clear..

The dessert -- not bad and the only food I really enjoyed..

Tun Dr Siti Hasmah giving out the Dr Siti Hasmah Award to the PT Foundation

Seri Paduka Baginda Raja Permaisuri Agong Tuanku Nur Zahirah was ready to give out the media awards to the winners.. All the winners with the Permaisuri Agong and others on the stage/runaway..

This expensive brooch worth RM150,000 was auctioned at RM72,000.00

A pic during the makan2 session.. Only managed to take one -- for more pix and story, please go here --

And during lunch time on Thursday 30th Nov -- went to Jalan T*R to get some stuff from S*F before my vouchers expires. Went with a colleague, while walking lenggang mak limah, tiba2 dengar pompuan menjerit macam orang gila sambil berlari lintang pukang (with hands flying all over the place).. First I thought it was orang giler-- tengok2 si Sharifah Amani tengah berlakon -- alamak tak perasan plak the camera in front of us.. This was of course taken masa dah 'cut'..

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Early Thursday morning around 3.30am, both hubby and myself woke up with a shock from our deep sleep. The next door neighbour's car alarm went off loudly and we heard a loud thud. Hubby terus bukak tingkap and saw two men on a motorbike sped off just outside Hamdan's gate. Then we heard Hamdan 'OOOiii!!' and nothing happened. For a minute or two, after the motorbike sped off...

Then only both of us berani nak kluar -- Hamdan himself and wife pun baru keluar. The passenger window of the car was totally smashed and the radio was taken out. Gate rumahnye diumpil. But the most astounding fact is that -- Hamdan said when he jerit oooiii, he had a parang ready in his hand. The 2 Malay men (he was very sure of this - one already inside the car and the other one waiting on the motorbike) buat tak reti je.. The man on the motorbike then aimed a pistol towards Hamdan -- hence he pulled everyone back into the house. He didn't know whether the pistol is a toy pistol or the real thing -- but it was really a shock to actually see the pistol was aimed with confidence.. He then decided not to risk his family's life (he has 7 kids, a maid and a wife in the house -- the eldest child is a 13-year old daughter).. He's not taking the risk.. Take whatever you want..I'm sure most of us would do the same thing if we are faced with similar situation.

Syukur alhamdullillah nothing bad had happened but I know Linda is badly shaken -- I mean she has 7 kids to take care of when her husband is away at work.. I pun tak berani nak pikir what might have happened if those thugs decides to get into the house instead of just into the car..Ishk.. nauzubillah..

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Shopping Spree...

Ishk.. lama sungguh tak update blog ni.. so, I'm taking this opportunity to citer the shopping spree we had sebelum bulan Ramadan bermula.. The shopping spree was meant mainly for Yone yang akan berkahwin tahun depan tapi ala2 nak raya kan, so we all pun tumpang la sekaki.

Masa cuti sekolah in August, the whole family including Rina and Adi pun turun ke KL - ada 2 sebab, pertamanya nak shopping untuk Yone and secondly untuk visit Meor Hamzah yang masa tu dah abt a month tak jumpa anak bini hehehe.. so Yone drove from Penang with Mama, Abah and Cha. Stop by in Jelapang to pick up Rina and Adi..

The first night tu, we all decided to have dinner in F*g & Ol*ve kat S*nway P*ram*d to celebrate Abahnya belated birthday. The journey was so long, kedai dah nak tutup baru we all sampai.. We all enjoyed the food tapi the portion was quite big.. Meor lagi la enjoy-- favouritela katakan..

Amongst the activity we did were pegi ke Jalan T*R to look for Yone nye kain kahwin.. adoi penatla mencari, lenguh kaki2.. Abah ngan mama lagi la lenguh.. Abah asyik cari kerusi/sofa je nak duduk kalau sampai satu2 kedai tu.. Finally we found the kain yang Yone nak.. Alhamdullillah...

Lepas dah shopping we went to Shah Alam, to have dinner kat rumah Ayah Chu/Mak Su.. sedap -- ada lauk gulai tempoyak-- pergh.. mengancam..After dinner, I terlelap kejap-- agaknya terlalu kekenyangan kot.. Sedar2 dah nak balik.. Had to drive again sebab Yone letih..

Esoknya tu, we went to Aunty Jan's house just for short visit -- sebab Rina and Cha tak pernah buat tour lagi kat the new house. (Actually Meor and Yone pun tak pernah pegi gak -- tapi Meor kerja, Yone plak dating-- tak dapek la nak nolong).. Btw, I was on leave. It was a breeze sebab Aunty Jan ada lunch appointment with her cousins (which was more to belanja Sarah yang balik kejap for summer holidays from US).. Excited betoi tengok Cha and Rina yang oohh..and aahhh.. everytime sampai kat a new room..

Right after that, we had lunch kat rumah Aunty Nie (adik Aunty Jan) -- also had kampung style dishes -- sedap!! After dah lunch and solat, we went to PKNS in Shah Alam to shop for baju raya.. Lega dapat shop around that time and don't have to berebut2 masa ramadan kat PKNS tu.. selamat.. We then head home and the day after that, everyone left...

Here are some of the pictures taken during the visit..

P/S: FYI -- Adi is only 2 yrs 9 months old. He might not look like it but he is still a baby/toddler.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Salam Aidilfitri

I hope it's not too late to wish all bloggers Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri... Maaf Zahir dan Batin..

Ikhlas dari Anom dan Nasir..