Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Wedding of the year.. for our family.. part 3 (last part)

Sebelum tahun ni masuk ke tahun 2010, I better finish this entry secepat mungkin.. But sebelum tu, I would like to wish sesiapa yang sempat lalu kat my blog ni, Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha..

Back to the kenduri -- on Wednesday petang tu (27th May), the butik pengantin people came and pasang the pelamin kat hall.. While they were hanging the stuff, I looked at the center piece and literally cringe...Dalam hati, adoi mak.. teruknya colour and design -- flowers semua nampak cheap and kusam.. abih la Yone mesti tak suka punye ni..Tak berani nak kata apa2 kat Mama dulu, because she went and proceed with this butik..Tengok2 Mama pun tak berkenan..

Yang sejambak bunga atas flower stand tu bukan from the butik ye.. it's the bunga pahar that I created..

Initially, the purple square thing, they just hang it as a square -- Mama yg mintak suruh dia gantung macam diamond gini...While they were hanging, Yone came back from work and saw the whole thing. Tak cakap apa, terus naik atas, terus migrane/demam..

Malam tu, while we were looking and thinking about the pelamin, mama decided to let me revamp the pelamin. Kesian kat Yone, mama kata..Luckily esoknya tu, baru Thursday -- so I have the whole day tomorrow to rectify the pelamin..

Bila tido malam tu, asyik dok pikir fesyen apa la nak buat pelamin Yone ni..Pagi esoknya, bangun2 je, terus browse internet for some ideas, print a couple of samples and lepas breakfast terus ajak Cha pegi SSF to look for the decorations.. After pegi SSF, went to the hardware shop next door, look for the stapler gajah yang sangat diperlukan untuk kerja2 membuat pelamin ini..hehehe..

By 1pm we cross over back to the island (as SSF is in seberang).. and head straight to KBJ.. First stop butik Aunty Jay -- Aunty J is our designated tailor for the wedding dresses (the pengantin as well as the adik-beradik).. Mama called her in the morning to see whether she can loan some of her flowers and apa barang2 yg boleh.. We took as many flowers as possible, then we head to Kamdar to look for the materials yang matching color schemenya dengan the theme colour.. Finally we found the best 2 colours and they are quite cheap -- dalam lingkungan bawah RM5, satu meter. Bought so many meters of cloth -- tak ingat dah berapa -- but all in all cost materials + stuff kat SSF saja dah dekat RM300.00 - okla, considering..

Sampai kat rumah by 3.00pm, makan lunch, solat, rehat sat - at 4pm we started working on the pelamin. Azim was around so asked him to help take the hideous thing out and put it outside while we work. He keep on saying that we should have told the butik to come and rectify it, I dah tak larat nak cari gaduh.. just kept quiet and start planning with Cha and Intan.. Buat punya buat until finally pukul 1 pagi baru la siap.. Lama betoi -- almaklumla, bukannya professional.. Tukang gantung pun ada sorang -- tu pun gilir gilir dengan cik kembaq.. By the time hubby arrived at the house for the wedding, pelamin tu pun siap untuk digunakan keesokan harinya..

Cantik tak pelamin?

The next morning - Yone was so happy to have the revamp pelamin looking like what she wanted... Adoi, berbaloi la kerja Yong, Cha, Intan and others.. I had to wake up early to solat Subuh and start on the tangga punya decorations plak.. Sempat siap, tapi tak sempat tangkap gambar (Cha, you have some rite, dalam your phone -- email la kat yong).. Anyway, around 8.30 dengan groggynya, had to drive and pick up the Marhaban group from Taman Tun S**d*n to our house.. Masa depa dok mengaji, I have to say, I cannot hold up my head anymore -- terus crash.. Letih oo... Satgi petang dah akad nikah.. Here are some pictures from that event...

In the evening - the akad nikah went well... after the akad was done in Masjid Negeri P. P.. the whole group head back to our home in I*l**d G**d*s and everyone had dinner.. By 9.00pm, Meor had gotten ready to head to T*b**g H*j* to start preparing for tomorrow's event. I was too tired to go that early so opt to help out at home and plan to go later..While we were at home, Cha did a video call with Ayu who was already at the hall to ask how was the decoration.. Ayu said it's not great plus it was quite dark by then for Ayu to show how they did it via the phone.. So, again at around 10.30/11pm, Cha, I and hubby drove to the hall to check out the decorations -- the butik people had already left..Again, the colour was totally off -- everything was too bright -- they used a lot of bright pink instead of pastel pink & purple.. adoi another pening kepala.. by then it's already midnight and most of us pun dah tak larat dah nak buat apa2.. so we went back and crashed. Early on Saturday morning at around 7.30am -- I make the call to the boutique owner and ask them to rectify the decorations according to my request. I told her to make sure everything is done by 11.00am. She promised to do so and that's a bulk load off my shoulders.. By 8.30am both of us - hubby and I plus Yone had to pick up the groom from the hotel and drop them at the saloon to get ready. Then we went and pick up the photographers and bring them to the hall.. Sampai je kat the hall -- terus salin baju and bersiap.. My lovely brooch that I just bought online broke and tak dapat la nak melaram sakan masa tu..

Just before 12.00noon, Yone called to say they were ready and wanted us to come and pick them up.. By 12.20 macam tu, the bride and groom were already in the waiting room.. then the reception began.. Enjoy the pictures...

**For reference: the theme colour was - the married couples -purple, single ladies/girls -pink and the single men - green..