Friday, August 21, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Girls day out..

Need to interrupt my posts on the wedding.. lepas ni will continue..

It's been a while since Leen, Zaili and I went out for a weekend outings.. I remembered those days when we were single (by 'we' - I meant Zaili and I -- Leen masih single .. hehehe.. Leen, jangan mare ye..), almost every other weekend we would have our outings.. The outings usually consists of movies (perasan tak the 's') and makan-makan.. What we usually do is either Saturday or Sunday, we will watch 2 movies back-to-back and then finished the day with makan-makan and chit-chat session..

When I first got married, the outings had dwindled a bit to just makan-makan and at least 1 movie.. When Zaili got married and had Fariz, the occasion of get-together had switched to makan-makan sessions in either my house or Zaili's house.. (of course this includes the spouses and Fariz).. After Fariz dah besar sikit, our outings kind of switched plak to the theater -- mainly just PLGM and P. Ramlee the Musical.. I think the last planned outing that we had was last year for the theater P. Ramlee the Musical some time in June, I think. I was injured that time and was heavily relying on the crutches - so nak tak nak, terpaksa la let go of the teater.. Nasib baik Leen managed to persuade her sister, Mira to join them so tak la rugi the tickets.. Zaili came over earlier to collect the tickets and tried to persuade me one last time to give it a go.. But, bila memikirkan the number of anak tangga that I have to climb even 2 atau 3 kat Istana Budaya tu, tak sanggup I nak take the risk.. so there goes our last outings..

In between tu adala we met each other kat functions/weddings tapi not on outings like we always do...

Ntah macamana .. last couple of weeks while I was on ym with Zaili, suddenly we decided we should do one soon.. best time would be last weekend(1/2 August) or the weekend of 15/16 because I'll be travelling to Bali this coming weekend for the ICAAP conference and Zaili is heading to Sandakan for a holiday.. Eventually we decided to go for yesterday -- the agenda --"The Proposal", lunch then balik...

The movie was at 11.15am and I reached MV at around 10.50am.. By then both Leen and Zaili dah sampai.. Zaili by 10.25 dah sampai and collected the ticket.. Zaili then suggested, since it's so hard to actually do the outing, why not we do 2 movies at one go... In the end we opt for this, start with "The Proposal" -- sampai at least 1.00pm, then lunch + cit-cat2, solat, window shopping (hehehe.. Leen almost bought the shoe and Zaili almost bought the bag...) and then around 4.00pm we went for the "Ghost of Girlfriends Past"..

We had a blast!!.. The Proposal was simply hilarious.. and cute.. we really enjoyed it so much.. and while having our lunch at K**n* R**e*'*.. we jump from one topic to another.. Mostly to catch up on what's been happening in each other's lives..Unfortunately, punye rancak berborak -- I langsung tak teringat to get a picture of us.. hish...memang confirm dah tua.. hehehe..

The second movie wasn't as good as the first one -- tapi takpe la -- the company that counts.. Anyway to Leen and Zaili -- thank you for the outing -- we should do it again maybe before the end of the year.. and Selamat Berpuasa..

Picture was take here.. Thumbs up for Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.. Enjoyed it very much..

P/S: There was a funny incident while we at the cashier -- to read it, go to my other blog..