Thursday, April 23, 2009

Happy Book Day.. and a belated Happy Earth Day

Happy Book Day everyone ! Let's continue reading more books!!

P/S: Abg A'a -- your "The Kite Runner" is with me. Hope to pass it to you this weekend (Yone is coming over this weekend)

and a belated Earth Day!! Make everyday an Earth Day, continue recycling, reduce plastic waste, contribute while we can. It's scary watching the docus on National Geographic last night.

P/S: Went to Gi*nt last night for some groceries shopping, brought all my non-woven bags to pack all my things in. Got a lot of stares and gawking all right. Mmmm....

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Kenangan masa lalu....

While reading Kak Kama's blog about the recent visit by David Archuletta (from American Idol), teringat masa zaman muda-muda dulu.. Me and my siblings were at one stage, were so into KRU. I remembered all the recording we did (mostly it was me sebab I'm the eldest) on VHS whenever the brothers appeared on TV. Tak kisah la, iklan ke trailer ke, kejap ke lama ke.. punye la record tak ingat dunia. Ber'tape-tape' .. Meor (my brother) and cousin Haikal plak siap pegi belajar menari ala-ala DanceKRU -- Abah siap record on VideoCam lagi all their actions.. (This was in late 1980s into early 90s -- videocams are not cheap and not light -- it's so heavy but abah bought it nonetheless because he wants to start taking all the antiques of the kids then). I think Meor and Haikal was in their Form 1/2 macam tu. Dah tak tau kat mana dah the videocam.. kalau ada tu, mesti Meor and Haikal will NOT want to watch the whole thing..

Anyway, the point of my story is -- last week during one of our training kat IPTAR ni, I bumped into one of the brothers - Norman who was sitting at the lobby area tingkat 2 tengah berdiskusi with one of his staff (I think relative dia kot sebab iras muka ada). Anyway, I introduced myself professionally because I need his (Norman's) input on one of the stuff I'm working on. We exchange name cards and I promised to contact him soon about the details..

At that point I didn't think of anything and just talked. But later on when I thought about the experience back.. gelihati plak -- dulu aku tergila-gila la kat dia ni, sekarang eemm, dah tak heran dah.. I guess I have matured and left all the silliness behind. When one of our temp staff came to know about me meeting Norman, he quipped" Apsal tak tangkap gambar kak ?" I'm like - "What ???!! Ishk - tak kuasa aku..". He's young only 17 ke 18 -- still in the stage of euphoria when meeting artists.

The name card -- minus the contacts. Don't think I should provide all those details on the net..