Monday, January 17, 2011

Reflections of 2010, Hopes for 2011

It's been more than half a month now in 2011 and I just had the chance to do an entry to reflect on the happenings on 2010.. 2010 is very special to me in many ways - the most happiest year, as well as the most stressful year for me personally. In 2010, I had received the most precious gift from Allah -- my baby boy - Muhammad Zikri.. Alhamdullillah he's doing well, we enjoyed all his antics at home.. Of course the 'sound' volume now has increased quite significantly - sampai neighbours can hear him clearly..But that's life.. alhamdullillah..

At the same time - my career kind of suffering when the organisation had a major reshuffle and the new management had made a lot changes that affects the staff(especially local)'s rights as an employee. A lot of staff had decided to leave and I'm not suprised if most of the old staff will be gone soon. It's very frustrating and if Allah wills it, I will probably follow suit. I hope Allah will give me guidance to make the right choices and ease the burden secepat mungkin.. Amin.. This is my hope for 2011.. We shall see how it goes..