Thursday, November 4, 2010

Puting oh..puting

Before I delivered Zikri, I was so determined not to give my baby the pacifier.. But down the road of a month (still in my confinement) mama started giving him the 'puting' so that he can easily go to sleep..(you might ask, where did she get the pacifier from -- well.. it's part of the starter kit that I bought)..

I've been receiving a lot of negative remarks for letting him suck on the pacifier -- mostly the remark about how his teeth will end up being 'jongang' and how his sucking on air and that will make him a colicky baby.. But alhamdullillah, so far so good.. My sense is that I think the pacifier's function is merely that -- to pacify the baby when he/she is agitated..Memang dah fitrah seorang bayi suka menghisap -- tak kisah la puting ke, jari ke.. Even if we don't give him his puting, he will still suck on his finger/s -- so nak buat macamana ??? I've read somewhere that the ability to suck -- either the thumb or a dummy helps with the baby development... so I'm so confused now...

Anyway, since he had started on his solids about a week now - my sister-in-law who is taking care of him while I'm at work -- has started to wean him off the pacifier..ada la dia nangis sikit2..esp bila ngantuk nak tido... Nak tak nak, I thought I better persevere and sambung her effort during the night.. but it's mighty heart wrenching to see him whimper for the beloved puting.. Sampai terkecap bibir sendiri la nak tido tu.. Tapi alhamdullilah -- it has been 3 days and 2 nights now that we've been able to keep him away for it.. Now, my question is -- Am I making the right decision ??


Drama Mama said...

yon yah pun determined takmau bagi dulu tapi masuk 2 hari ja mak dah suh pah pi beli pasai si kenit asyik dok nangis. i think that's one of the reason why irfan start dapat nipple confusion tu but that's only my theory..hehehe

but for me, still better pacifier than fingers, sebab fingers camana kita nak halang kan. pacifier boleh stop.

it's good that u try stopping it now, sebab bila makin besar macam irfan dulu lagi susah. sampai demam2. tapi once dah start kena perservere..kalau tak lagi susah nanti.

way to go yong and zikri! u guys can do it!

eh one more thing, irfan dulu masa stop pacifier time nak tidoq kena bagi minum susu, tapi i baut sikit ja la. since dia nak kena suck jugak on something, tapi dun let him go to sleep while drinking milk la nanti gigi rosak plak.

anom said...

hahaha.. ya ka.. alamak so early irfan started on pacifier..probably that is the cause. Yone pun makchak suruh start jugak, tapi according to Yone, Ihsan dok luah aja.. tak berkenan lagi la kot.. Tak tau la lani macamana..

that's what makchak said also -- and I felt the same too..but so far zikri isap jari pun jenis sekejap, sekejap -- macam nak lepai gian la, bukan jenis isap abis.. tapi tak tau la in future kan.. too early to say..

tula yong pun dok ingat macam tu..pasai tu nak teruihkan..tapi so far dok share loadkan mungkin senang, esok and the weekend -- all on my own don't know how that will turn out..hopefully ok la..

yong pun lebih kurang dok buat macam tu jugak, dak pun bagi ayaq masak.. abih kalau tak mau bagi sampai tidoq, nak buat camna ?

anom said...
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raggedyanne said...

hi there anom, tak perasan lak u have ur own blog, tq for visiting my blog & dropping a comment ya... huhu, i dah tak sedih2 dah :)

raggedyanne said...

hi there anom, tak perasan lak u have ur own blog, tq for visiting my blog & dropping a comment ya... huhu, i dah tak sedih2 dah :)

anom said...

Hi Anne, hehehe.. la tak perasan ke ? Takper - u r most welcome.
Glad that u are no longer sedih2..

Take care..