Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy New Year!! Welcome 2012.....

Alhamdullillah -- dah sampai kita ke tahun baru 2012..

A lot of things had happened to me and my family in the last year.. Ada bad, ada yang good... -- Right after Zikri's birthday, my pregnancy went well until about the last month around June/July - my sugar was high so I had to start taking insulin..Nasib baik la just for a month or so..

The biggest bad thing that happened was I got retrenched from ABU just about one month away from my delivery date.. How stressful that experience was. Yang paling sedijh/upsetting about this - is that - the manusia-yang-tak-berhati-perut- telah menghantar surat terminate itu melalui email saje while I was attending/organising an event outside of office. It's such a huge event plak tu with about more than 50 participants - sibuknya teramat sangat sampai tengah malam we all kat hotel tu.. And he has the BALLS to send me the letter through email that morning.. Takdak angin, tak dak ribut, tup-tup sampai surat layang... Apa la punya orang..

But anyway, dengan keadaan yang sangat stress dengan kerja, dengan the idea tak ade kerja lepas tu dengan baby nak lahir so soon... Alhamdullillah my pregnancy prevailed and tak menghadapi banyak masalah..

So for the last couple of weeks in July - I was going up and down to a few places namely MTUC, Labour Office and lawyer to check on my rights and what I can get out of this retrenchment. Unfortunately - there's not much we can do - weird our Malaysian Labour Law tak banyak protect Malaysian staff. Takat Constructive Dismissal boleh la kot, but then for that u have to buat lawsuit. Since I got no time left - dah sarat sangat I just take the retrenchment package yang dioffer (tu pun setelah try to fight for it - kalau tidak, buat dunno je la)..

So ABU - sudah tinggal kenangan buat ku as of 5th August 2011..

And now on to a happier thing that happened in my life... on 8th August, 2011 - my second child was born - this time round it's a girl - Nur Sarah Zulaikha...

Alhamdullillah.. Sarah dilahirkan pada pagi 8hb Ogos dengan berat 2.98kg.. Dan bersyukur sangat sebab berjaya menyusukan Sarah sepenuhnya dengan susu badan sehingga sekarang.. Alhamdullillah Sarah sihat...dibantu jugak kot dengan keaadaan relaks tak payah kerja, jadi senang la sikit susu nak keluar, walaupun tak la banyak macam susu Yone (my sister)..

So in between all that leave, sempat la jugak buat kerja2 dari rumah - macam writing for Abg A. etc.. Tetapi sekarang ni alhamdullillah, syukur pada rahmat Allah - I managed to get another job in UIA which is not very far from my house - lebih kurang 15/20 minit je perjalanan.. and best of all both my kids are doing well...

Hopefully 2012 will bring better things in our lives... Doakan la ye... Selamat Tahun Baru 2012 semua..

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